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Why Eastman?

  • American Made
  • Proud Legacy
  • Commitment to Quality

Humble Beginnings In America's Heartland.

After the Civil War and the assassination of President Lincoln, America went through a period of political, social, and economic unrest. However, this was also a time of innovation as manufacturing became more advanced, the first Transcontinental Railroad was completed, and Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone.

In Burlington, Iowa in 1866, writer and politician G.M. Todd and dentist H. Bailey formed H. Bailey & Co., a retail furniture business that set up shop in a large brick building near the Mississippi River. In 1875, a traveling salesman named Henry W. Chittenden joined the company, introducing the Square mattress brand five years later. This brand was known as “the cleanest, most healthful, and most luxuriant mattresses ever made.”

A Proud Mattress Legacy Continues to Thrive

As company president, Chittenden would oversee tremendous growth as Chittenden & Eastman manufactured 120 different lines of mattresses and upholstered furniture, including the Eastman House line. In 1942, Chittenden stepped down as president and the only remaining member of the Eastman family sold his stock to company employees.
Although the company’s namesakes had moved on, their innovative spirit and commitment to quality has persevered for decades. In 2007, Chittenden & Eastman’s intellectual property was purchased by Eclipse International, which reintroduced the Eastman House brand.
Today, the leadership of Eastman House continues the tradition created by the company’s founders. It takes time to make a great mattress. We would rather slow down and get it right than speed up to get it out the door. Meeting the expectations of today’s customers requires the right combination of old-world craftsmanship and premium, sustainable materials, cutting-edge technology, and precision engineering.