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Aerofoam is the sole producer and distributor of Therapedic® range products in Malaysia.

Craftsmanship Meets Innovation.

Since our founding more than fifty years ago, we’ve dedicated ourselves to producing the world’s finest sleep products. It’s that simple.

While we believe in innovation, and have certainly incorporated the latest sleep technologies into all of our products, we also believe that the best products in the world are still the ones that are hand-crafted. That’s why each of our mattresses is made by hand, using only the finest materials. The result is a product of superior support, comfort and quality that delivers a better night’s sleep…every night.

Our dedication, talent and commitment to quality have grown a small, New Jersey mattress manufacturer into an international corporation with a worldwide presence. Despite our rapid growth, we’ve never forgotten our roots, and the values that have led to that success. That’s why when you purchase a Therapedic product whether it’s a mattress, mattress topper or pillow you can rest assured that you’ll be spending your nights on one of the world’s finest bedding products.

A young bookkeeper named Edward P. Eastman became Chittenden’s business partner in 1883, and Chittenden & Eastman was born.

  • Over 20 million people go to sleep every night on a Therapedic mattress.
  • More than 15000 Therapedic mattresses are purchased every day.
  • Over 5000 people expertly construct Therapedic mattresses every day.
  • There are 54 Therapedic mattress factories located across 6 continents.
  • Industry’s strongest warranty honored worldwide.
  • Handcrafted with attention to every detail since 1957.
  • Winner of distinguished international awards for product design excellence.

Experience Comfort Like Never Before.

Our “barrel-shaped” coil provides an initial luxurious softness followed by a firmer, more responsive support as more weight is applied. Each coil flexes independently to optimize body contouring while quietly providing support.

High tensile wire is electronically tempered as each coil is formed, to improve resiliency for better performance and longer mattress life. The pockets are connected to each other at the centre point, so each coil is able to reach independently. This system gives maximum point of elasticity withstanding high load capacity.

This exclusive coil design reduces motion transfer. The result you wake up more energetic.

Award Winning Design and Engineering.

We dare you to compare Therapedic’s unique premium bedding features with any other brand. These features are awarded patents and have earned international acclaim, including the prestigious Mattress Design Award. Therapedic means quality and value that you can trust, proudly backed by the world’s strongest bedding warranty.